Astonishing New Counter Strike Global Offensive Tips


Counter Strike: Global Offensive is an exciting new game that offers outstanding features, characters and weapons. Counter Strike was basically launched 14 years ago and with continuous evolution, it has reached to the newest version. This updated version of the game is a power packed package when it comes to the gameplay modes, maps, leader boards, weapons and everything!


About the Game

Counter-Strike-Global Offensive has surprised the game industry and taken it to new levels. This thrilling game emerged as the most popular game played online just after it was released back in 1999.  It remained as the most played game world-wide and maintained its position in the game industry for the past 12 years.  The striking gaming tournaments being one of the highlights of the game and 25 million units were sold across the globe. The new version of the game is all set to set new standards in the gaming industry. Hopes are high and Counter Strike-Global Offensive is ready to meet the high expectations of the players worldwide.



Counter-Strike Global Offensive is a fourth version of 1st person shooting game Counter trike. The developer of the game is Valve Corporation along with Hidden Path Entertainment. It is yet another objective base game. The player can select whether to be in the terrorist or the anti terrorist group.   There are different objectives that have to be accomplished by the player and the enemies are to be killed.


The game is a complete adventurous ride based on short rounds and ends when the enemies are killed and all tasks are completed.   Aiding enemies being killed by using a cs go aimbot is against the rules, but many players break these rules on a daily basis.


Networking and team play is an exciting feature of all 1st person shooting games. Like its previous version, Global offensive also offers unique multiplayer gaming experience. Gameplay is not different than the single player. Each player is at liberty to be a terrorist or anti-terrorist. The short rounds end when the opposite team is being killed or when the objective of your team is accomplished. The player has to wait till the round is finished if he is killed to respawn.



The weapons can be purchased at the start of every round with the help of the money won depending upon the performance of the player. Other equipments can also be bought with that money. You can gain money by killing enemies and completing the objectives of the rounds. However, any sort of false actions, for instance killing a player of your own team can cost you deduction of money.

Whenever a round is finished, all the players get some money. Those who win the round receive more than the losers. This updated version of the game offers a wide range of new weapons and equipments. Firebomb is one of the highlights of this new game version. The firebomb is used to temporarily set fire in a small area to kill any enemy passing through that area.


Requirements of the Game

This game can operate on Windows 7, Vista or XP. A memory of at least 2 GB is required. The video card needs to support Pixel Shader 3.0 and should be 256 MB.